‘Two likkle lizard’

JET jingle plays on transport minister’s comments 

THE Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) this week released a 30-second animated video as part of its fight to save Goat Islands from potential large-scale port development.

Titled Don’t Mess With Goat Islands, the video is the result of a competition the NGO had in October for people to write jingles using the phrase ” two likkle lizaad.”

A screenshot of the Don’t Mess With Goat Islands video which features two lizards and two fish which are chased from their habitat by human development.

JET explained that it arose out of comments made by the Minister of Transport, Works and Housing Omar Davies in early September this year, in which he sought to downplay the ecological and environmental importance of the islands to local and international conservation groups.

Addressing party supporters in south east St Catherine, Davies said “It wouldn’t be right to refuse a proposal for investment on account of “two likkle lizard and so on”.

Goat Islands are part of the Portland Bight Protected Area, the largest protected area in Jamaica, which is home to over 370 species of plants and animals, some of which are found nowhere else in the world.

The current controversy surrounding them stems from Government’s indication that it is considering building a transshipment port in the vicinity, a move which have staunchly opposed.

The words of the jingle are below:

“Two likkle lizard, happy as can be

Then came a politician and lick him out di tree

Fi Goat Islands

Dem waan wi Goat Islands

Two likkle fishy swimming in di sea

Along came a bigger ship an lick him off the reef

Ah goat Islands

Don’t mess wid Goat Islands, no!

The lyrics were composed by Inilek Wilmot, with vocals by Quecee. The music and production were done by Jeremy Ashbourne and NivekPro Animations did the animation.

The video can be found here.

Source: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/

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