Reuse, create

Cluster winners for the past two years Sherwood Manor and their two models (at left) Jessica Mars and Devaun Osborne.


Reuse, create


Shaneil Stewart and Leslie Charles represented Cluster Begique in the 2010 competition. Their outfits used crocus bag (male vest and pant and the top half of female dress; shower curtain clips (female earrings); laundry detergent wrapper (female bag and male bow tie and female bracelet); and shower curtain for the dress.


WITH our ‘Living Green’ feature in mind from last week, today we highlight a great example from right here in Jamaica. AZ Preston Hall on the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, to be exact.

Lanvell Blake (LB), Environment Committee Chairman at AZ Preston Hall, told teenAGE all about an event to be hosted on March 23, that will make Fashion From Garbage.

teenAGE: What is the event about?

LB: It is a fashion show where the clusters enter two Fashion From Garbage outfits based on the theme ‘An Exquisite Night in Paris’. The outfits will be worn by a pair, a male and a female, who take the stage for three minutes, and should effectively convey the concept of the theme.

teenAGE: Are the models also the designers?

LB: It is a cluster effort. The models are not necessarily the designers. The ‘amateur’ designers on the clusters are responsible for creating the outfits.

teenAGE: How many participants/designs are you expecting this year?

LB: This year we are expecting a total of 26 participants/26 designs. Each cluster will have two designs (male and female). A winning cluster will be chosen at the end of the Gala Night. Additional to the cluster competition, the Hall attendees are going to dress to reflect the theme at the gala.

teenAGE: What staging of the Fashion from Garbage Gala Night will this year be?

LB: Technically, this will be the 10th staging of the event. The event was initiated by Leroy Brown, a past Prestonite, who became hall chairman for the 2004/05 academic year. Previously, the competition was just a Fashion from Garbage competition, but this year it has been restructured and rebranded as the Fashion from Garbage Gala Night.

teenAGE: What are some of the items that the Prestonites have used in the past?

LB: They have used phone cards, egg trays, newspaper, snack wrappers, detergent boxes, bread wrappers, cardboard, styrofoam plates, plastic bottles and shower curtains.

teenAGE: Why was this event conceptualised?

LB: The event combines couture fashion with environmental concepts to make a dynamic and original competition. The purpose of this event is to raise environmental awareness, foster environmentally-friendly behaviour among the residents and to provide an outlet for residents to effectively and constructively showcase their talents.

teenAGE: What are the effects of the project/event on the hall?

LB: For the hall, the event has three goals. At the end of this event, Prestonites should have (1) stronger prevention efforts by 100 residents (at minimum) to guard against environmental problems at an individual cluster, hall, national level; (2) more than 100 residents with changed behaviour and attitudes towards environment at a household, cluster and hall level; and (3) a deeper appreciation for the visual arts would have been garnered by participants and persons attending the event.

teenAGE: Can the non-Prestonite or the general public attend?

LB: Sure, and there is no cost attached.



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