Orange Alert – elevated activity at ‘Kick ’em Jenny’ in Grenada

July 23, 2015



An increase in seismic activities at the submarine volcano Kick ‘em Jenny on Thursday morning, has prompted the National Emergency Council to meet with a team from the University of the West Indies (UWI) seismic unit in Trinidad and Tobago.

We were informed through the official channel about the increase activities at Kick ‘em Jenny and like we did early we again call on all marine interest to observe the no exclusion zone of five kilometres around the summit of the volcano,” said Coordinator of the National Disaster Management Agency, Terrence Walters.

He promised that a detailed statement will be issued following the meeting.

On Thursday, the UWI seismic unit posted an advisory informing the public that it has change the alert level of the volcano from yellow to orange stating that at 3:00am (local time), a strong continuous signal was observed on instruments monitoring the submarine volcano.

“Signs of elevated seismicity (earthquakes) began on 11th July and continue to present,” said the advisory which explained that for the period since the 11th July a total of more than 200 micro and small earthquakes, of varying magnitudes, have been recorded, with the largest, prior to the strong signal, less than magnitude 3.0.”

“There have also been observations from divers of degassing occurring off the west coast of Grenada in the Moliniere Sculpture Park area. This activity is being closely monitored by The UWI-SRC and further updates would be issued as more information becomes available,” the advisory also said.

An alert orange mean highly elevated level of seismic activity or other unusual activity. This means that an eruption may begin with less than twenty-four hours notice.

The seismic unit says all regional governments will be alerted through Disaster Coordinators.

The release stated that local radio stations in Grenada, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Barbados and Trinidad have been placed on alert.

In addition, all shipping are required to stay outside the first exculsion zone that is 1.5km from the summit and non-essential shipping such as pleasure craftshould stay 5km clear of the summit.

Since the rumbling at Kick ‘em Jenny telecommunications service in Grenada has being affected with only the FLOW network apparently operating.




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