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JetBlue Boss Makes Case For an Environmentally Friendly Caribbean

October 25, 2015





WILLEMSTAD, Curaçao, CNS – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of JetBlue Robin Hayes is making the case for investment in environmental conservation.

Hayes said governments need to see value in the upkeep of the natural surroundings.

“Too often around the world, countries fail to see the link between cleaning up beaches and oceans and their economic vitality. No one benefits when oceans and beaches are polluted, yet these problems persist around the world,” he told the Caribbean Tourism Organisation’s 2015 State of the Industry Conference held in Curaçao last week.

A recent partnership between JetBlue and The Ocean Foundation has set out to, once and for all, prove the connection, and Hayes said the Caribbean region is in that assessment.

“Nothing spurs governments or business to act, like hard data, but until now, we haven’t really had anything that we can use. I’d like to add that the concept of the original idea of who is an eco-tourist is outdated…. Every single person, who comes to the Caribbean for its beautiful water and white beaches is an eco-tourist,” is Hayes’ take on the matter.

The JetBlue CEO also wants Caribbean countries to review taxes on airline tickets.






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