How To Use This Site

The Caribbean Environment Energy Business Information Platform (CEEBIP) has three (3) major areas of content.

Carbon Market

Contains information on the market where carbon shares are traded (bought and sold) based on limits on allowable level of carbon emissions.

Energy Efficiency

Provides in depth information on the wise use of resources in terms of how this is recorded, measured as well as summaries of energy audits.

Environmental Management

Contains information on the process involved in managing related activities which would have a positive effect on the environment.


These major areas of content are linked to a menu which categorises the various types and forms of content as follows:

  • Library – provides the visitor with access to articles, speeches, reports, videos, pictures, tool kits, technical presentations, policies/plans/legislation, databases and more. The goal of the Library is to provide a wide range of information to manufactures, suppliers, entrepreneurs and other enthusiasts to enable them to track developments.
  • Communications – has a suite of features intended to foster interaction and communication. The directories should be used to find and contact persons and organisations in the above-mentioned fields that offer services or products that offer products or services as part of their operations.
  • News – is a general page for news items and press releases that will allow visitors to  keep abreast of happenings in the major areas of content.
  • Country Pages – provide a snapshot of developments in the field in each of the participating countries across the region. Sixteen (16) countries are presented with their relevant maps, project information, news, articles, and events.


Joining the Platform – Registration and its Benefits

Registering on CEEBIP.ORG is essential for participation. Registered users have access to and can achieve the following:

  • Participate in the EE forums
  • Submit articles, news items, or events for review by administrators before publishing on CEEBIP
  • Submit entries to the Directories
  • Professionals
  • Companies



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