This EU funded project initiates an Alliance with the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica and the Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce which is based in Trinidad and Tobago.

The objective of the project is to build private sector capacity in environmental and energy management order to promote a successful regional and national collaborative approach to efficient energy consumption reduced environmental impacts

About the PSOJ/CAIC/EU Funded Project

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Lyford Cay International School leads beach clean-up at Coral Harbour

  The Lyford Cay International School (LCIS) community came together on Saturday, April 12 to participate in a school wide beach clean up at Coral Harbour. LCIS students, parents, staff and community members all pitched in to remove a full dumpster of trash from the beach. “We are cleaning the beach as our contribution to […]

Manufacturers ‘Out Of Business’ With No Tariff Guards

  Domestic Bahamian manufacturers and their 15,000-strong workforce will be “out of business” without tariff protection, a senior industry executive agreeing this had to be balanced with consumers’ needs. Andrew Rogers, head of the Bahamas Trade Commission’s manufacturing sub-committee, told Tribune Business that while protection was “critical” for manufacturers and their workforce, the Government could […]

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Op-Ed: Green Energy Solutions Could Save the Caribbean $200 Million

  By Jun Zhang Op-Ed Contributor HIGH ENERGY costs are the Achilles heel of the Caribbean. More than 97 percent of this region’s electricity is generated from fossil fuels and many islands devote a hefty portion of their GDP to fuel imports. On some Caribbean islands, electricity bills can soar up to six times higher […]


4 April 2014 Reminder – IPCC Working Group III Report GENEVA, 4 April – The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will consider the Working Group III contribution to the Fifth Assessment Report, covering the mitigation of climate change, in Berlin, Germany, on 7-11 April. This Working Group session will approve the Summary for Policymakers […]

The Impact of Climate Change on Small Island Nations and Their Tourism Future

Yesterday we started a series on the impact of climate change on tourism businesses and regions around the world, based on the just released report from United Nations scientific panel Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The first in the series was the effect of these changes on the coastal and low lying areas. The second extract in the series is the impact […]