Green Space Created at KPH

Photo by: Contributed Volunteers take a break from preparing a green area at the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH-May 25).
The Labour Day project was organised by the Friends of KPH in collaboration with the Kingston Chapter of the Lay Magistrates Association, the Kiwanis Club of New Kingston, and MPM Waste Management Ltd.

A section of the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) was transformed into a much needed green space on Labour Day.


The work, which included planting of grass, flowers and trees, and installing seating, was undertaken by the Friends of KPH in collaboration with the Kingston Chapter of the Lay Magistrates Association, the Kiwanis Club of New Kingston, and MPM Waste Management Ltd.


In an interview with JIS News, Senior Medical Officer (SMO) at the hospital, Dr. Natalie Whylie, said the hospital was pleased to benefit from the collaborative effort.


She said the Jamaica Public Service Company Ltd. (JPS) also assisted with the trimming and planting of tress.


“We are very happy to have these partners on board with us we seek to improve the aesthetics of the hospital, which is very important in the delivery of healthcare. We hope that patients and their relatives will utilise this area,” she said. The SMO pointed out that the green space will also benefit hospital staff. “We recognise that staff morale is an issue and we are working to address that so we encourage staff members to utilise the area as well,” she said.


President of the Friends of KPH, Opal Davis, told JIS News that the group made the decision to create the green space to give the hospital a “softer image”. “When we approached MPM Waste Management, they immediately consented to do the landscaping. The area, which previously had concrete benches and dirt, was upgraded. The existing benches were painted, board benches with tables were installed along with the plants,” she informed.


She said that the Friends “are here for the long haul and we will be doing our improvements in the way of equipment, staff welfare, staff motivation and patient care. We intend to change the image of KPH for the better.”


For his part, Regional Operations Manager at MPM Waste Management Limited, Adrian Grant, informed that the work began last Wednesday (20). “We recognised that it would take more than one day to get it all done so we started the preparatory work, which included the building of ramps for the easy movement of the gurneys that are used to transport patients. We also laid paving stones to provide for that smoother passage. Today, we are landscaping and planting flowers,” Nursing Supervisor, Sharlene Richards, who was part of the work team, said the nurses “are not just about patient care”.


“We are about total nursing care, which involves diversional therapy and I think our garden can help to do that for our patients. Diversional Therapy, she explained, is care that does not require administering medication. “There are many things that you can do to divert the patient’s mind from their current condition. It involves things like watching television or reading a book. Sitting in this garden and looking at the flowers and the plants, I know, will serve to divert the minds of our patients from their conditions, which could cause severe depression” she explained.


“This is a good thing and I am happy to be a part of it,” she told JIS News.




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