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Barbados situated just east of the Caribbean Sea, is an independent Continental Island-nation in the western Atlantic Ocean. Its closest island neighbours are Saint Vincent & the Grenadines and Saint Lucia to the west. To the south lies Trinidad and Tobago-with which Barbados now shares a fixed official maritime boundary-and also the South American mainland.


Barbados’s total land area is about 430 square kilometres (166 square miles), and is primarily low-lying, with some higher regions in the country’s interior. The geological composition of Barbados is of non-volcanic origin and is predominantly composed of limestone-coral formed by subduction of the South American plate colliding with the Caribbean plate.


The island’s climate is tropical, with constant trade winds off the Atlantic Ocean serving to keep temperatures mild. Some less developed areas of the country contain tropical woodland and mangroves. Other parts of the interior which contribute to the agriculture industry are dotted with large sugarcane estates and wide, gently sloping pastures, with panoramic views down to the coast also.

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    • Sea Level Rise: What Does it Mean for Antigua and Barbuda

      November 25, 2015         ST JOHN’S, Antigua, CNS – Climate change will have many devastating effects related to changes in weather patterns, but the greatest damage will be caused by rising sea level. Antigua and Barbuda is poised to suffer from this with critical infrastructure below sea level. Sea level rises as […]

    • Caribbean Agriculture Looks To Cope With Climate Change

      November 9, 2015         BRIDGETOWN, Barbados – Climate change represents a clear and growing threat to food security in the Caribbean with differing rainfall patterns, water scarcity, heat stress and increased climatic variability making it difficult for farmers to meet demand for crops and livestock. Nearly all of the countries in the […]

    • CDB and European Investment Bank agree to Work on Climate Change and Energy Issues

      November 5, 2015         BRIDGETOWN, Barbados – Officials from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and the European Investment Bank (EIB), signed a Letter of Intent formalizing their intention to work together in the future to address pressing issues relating to climate change, renewable energy and energy efficiency. The signing took place at […]

    • Climate Change is a World of Work Issue

      October 9, 2015         GENEVA – Moving the global economy on to an environmentally sustainable footing is going to be a “turbulent” experience according to Ester Byer-Suckoo, chair of an expert level green jobs meeting at the ILO in Geneva. However, properly managed it will have profoundly positive implications both for the […]

    • Early Morning Tremor

      October 3, 2015         SEISMIC ACTIVITY continued off the northeast coast of Barbados Saturday, with a small tremor recorded in the early hours of the morning. At 2:05 a.m., the Seismic Research Centre of the University of the West Indies recorded a 3.9 magnitude tremor 171 kilometres off the coast and some […]