CIF Releases Video on Climate Change in Dominica

The Climate Investment Fund (CIF) has released a video on the impacts of climate change in Dominica, which shows the impacts of extreme weather events and highlights the urgent need to invest in fostering climate resilience.

The film addresses issues such as rising sea levels, the escalation of tropical storms and hurricanes, and water scarcity, noting that they constitute severe climate change risks to islands in the Caribbean. It indicates that Dominica has adopted sustainable development policies, such as the promotion of organic farming and the preservation of natural landscapes. Within current efforts to preserve sustainability values, the video underscores that Dominica has developed a policy strategy to promote resilience to climate change through the implementation of sustainable practices and the preservation of its coasts and rainforests. It also provides an overview of a low carbon climate resilient development strategy, which aims to harness forest reserves, promote renewable energy production, and use freshwater reserves most sustainably. [Climate Change in Dominica Video]

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