Jamaica Sustainable Energy Roadmap 2013

Jamaica Sustainable Energy Roadmap: Pathways to an Affordable, Reliable, Low-Emission Electricity System © 2013 Worldwatch Institute, Washington, D.C. Jamaica-Sustainable-Energy-Roadmap-112013 (1)

Caribbean Launches New Tool to Deal with Climate Change

Severe flooding is one of many devastating effects of climate change, as the Caribbean island nation Dominica experienced in 2011. Credit: Desmond Brown/IPS CASTRIES, St. Lucia, Jul 15 2013 (IPS) – If the studies conducted by the International Code Council (ICC) are true, then by 2025, Caribbean countries will witness a significant increase in Category 4 […]


June 28, 2013 — When faced with the challenge of sharing the latest climate change discoveries, scientists often rely on data graphics and technical illustrations. University of Minnesota undergrad Daniel Crawford came up with a completely different approach. He’s using his cello to communicate the latest climate science through music. Thermometer measurements show the average global temperature has […]

How To Clean Up Oil Spills

CAMBRIDGE, MA, U.S.A. (MIT) — MIT researchers have developed a new technique for magnetically separating oil and water that could be used to clean up oil spills. They believe that, with their technique, the oil could be recovered for use, offsetting much of the cost of cleanup. The researchers will present their work at the […]

Carbon Credit Basics, Process and CDM Inventory

Overview: Key Elements of the CDM under Kyoto Energy Efficiency and Programs under CDM The CDM Process Jamaica’s DNA Process (Nicole O’Reggio) CDM Inventory for Jamaica: Carbon-Seminar June 2011

Jamaica’s Hydro Program of Activities (PoA)

Overview: Main Steps of PoA Anticipated CDM Timeline The program level MEM Developed a Hydro PoA for Jamaica Hydro Program as CDM -1: Additionality Hydro Program as CDM -2 Roles & Responsibility of Management Entity (MEM) Hydro Program as Gold Standard Program Why Gold Standard – 2012 risk Carbon-Seminar June 2011 Hydro PoA

Steps to Developing an Energy Management Programme for your Company – Toolkit

As energy is used more effectively, product costs can be reduced and profits improved. This can be accomplished even in the face of sharply increasing energy costs. Since the cost of energy accounts for approximately 75% of total the national foreign exchange earnings, significant contributions can be made to the national effort. The first step […]

Environmental Management – Toolkit

This Energy and Environmental Management toolkit is geared at assisting with the development of an environmental management program for your organization.  It provides relevant tables and guides to assist with areas such as environmental sensitivity assessment, development of environmental management plans, an environmental management checklist, company’s environmental policy, etc. . Source:

Energy Efficiency Toolkit For Manufacturers – Eight Proven Ways To Reduce Your Costs

Energy prices are on the rise again and supply restraints are showing up in many parts of the country. How manufacturers respond to tighter energy markets will increasingly affect their business performance and profitability. Fortunately, energy efficiency comes naturally to manufacturers because it is an application of total quality management that eliminates waste in the […]

Carbon Markets – Roadmap

This Roadmap is intended to guide companies from PSOJ in Jamaica and from CAIC in Trinidad & Tobago in identifying carbon market-related business opportunities and developing the strategic framework for realizing them; it is not intended to be a “cookbook” approach for implementation.