Orange Alert – elevated activity at ‘Kick ’em Jenny’ in Grenada

July 23, 2015     An increase in seismic activities at the submarine volcano Kick ‘em Jenny on Thursday morning, has prompted the National Emergency Council to meet with a team from the University of the West Indies (UWI) seismic unit in Trinidad and Tobago. We were informed through the official channel about the increase […]

Bill Clinton Helping Jamaica – Former US President’s Climate Initiative Pushing Cheaper Renewable Energy Programmes

July 22, 2015     FORMER United States President Bill Clinton’s Foundation is working with a Jamaican entity, Wigton Windfarm, to promote greater use of wind and solar energy here, as part of a wider effort to force down exorbitant energy costs in island nations. The Climate Change Initiative (CCI) and its companion Rocky Mountain […]

Global Warming Is Ticking Time Bomb For The Caribbean, Expert Says

A leading geothermal expert warns that the small island states in the Caribbean face “a ticking time bomb” due to the effects of global warming and suggests a shift away from fossil fuels to renewable energy is the only way to defuse it. President of the Ocean Geothermal Energy Foundation Jim Shnell says to solve […]

Carbon Market Opens to Beef Sector

July 21, 2015     COULD Australia’s northern livestock producers tap into an alternative income opportunity by adopting tactics to reduce greenhouse gas emissions? Yes, according to a new report into carbon credit opportunities for pastoral areas, prepared for Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) through a federal government Department of Environment grant. The key findings […]

Barbados Rattled by Earthquake

July 21, 2015     An earthquake with a magnitude of 4.4 rattled Barbados on Monday night, the United States Geological Survey, National Earthquake Information Center has reported. It said that the quake occurred at 7:08 pm (local time) was located 65 miles north east of Bridgetown and was also felt in St Lucia. The […]

Jamaicans Flock Unlicensed Beaches Which Do Not Have The Basic Safety Requirements!

July 19, 2015     Beachgoers hoping to escape the heat this summer are being cautioned to swim at their own risk as several popular swimming spots across the island have not been licensed, and of those that are licensed, several are operating in contravention of the rules. The Beach Control Act stipulates that public […]

The View From Europe: Climate Change And The Caribbean Voice

By David Jessop   July 18, 2015     Climate change is an issue on which the Caribbean has every reason to have its voice heard and be taken very seriously. Not only does its position on changing sea levels genuinely reflect the interests of every Caribbean state – 50 percent of its population and […]

DEM Calls For Better Disaster Preparedness

  In the wake of the series of earthquakes that shook the island today, a senior disaster management official has called for a higher level of awareness and better preparedness. During a hastily called press conference just after noon, Acting Director of the Department of Emergency Management (DEM) Kerry Hinds, told members of the media […]

Strong Earthquake Hits Close to Barbados – Magnitude-6.4 quake was centered 81 miles northeast of Bridgetown.

  A strong earthquake struck Thursday in the ocean northeast of Barbados and was widely felt throughout the Caribbean, but officials said there were no reports of damage or injuries. Supermarkets and other businesses were evacuated and people moved away from the shore right after the quake hit. Whileearthquakes are common in the Caribbean, this […]

UPDATED: Six earthquakes within six hours off Barbados

  Six earthquakes struck to the northeast of Barbados this morning in the space of six hours – three of them within minutes of each other and the strongest of which prompted the evacuation of some buildings across the island. After a 5.7 magnitude tremor was recorded at 7:01 a.m., and then another at 7:52 […]