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This EU funded project initiates an Alliance with the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica and the Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce which is based in Trinidad and Tobago.

The objective of the project is to build private sector capacity in environmental and energy management order to promote a successful regional and national collaborative approach to efficient energy consumption reduced environmental impacts

About the PSOJ/CAIC/EU Funded Project

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Wind and more wind

  Ground being broken for the BMR wind farm in Malvern, St Elizabeth. This Jamaica Public Service Company wind farm is just across the road from the planned BMR wind farm in Malvern, St Elizabeth   Ground being broken for the BMR wind farm in Malvern, St Elizabeth. (PHOTOS: GREGORY BENNETT)  Wigton Windfarm at Rose […]

Investing in disaster resilience vital for region — UN

  WAHLSTRÖM…the report is a wake-up call for countries to increase their commitment to invest in smart solutions to strengthen resilience to disasters UNITED NATIONS (CMC) — A new United Nations report says investing in disaster resilience is vital for sustainable development in the Caribbean and other places. The 2015 Global Assessment Report on Disaster […]

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Tourism and climate change: A reciprocal relationship

It is important to note that the climate of a destination, whether a region or a country, is one of its major attributes. SEVERAL articles have been written about the impact of climate change on factors such as food security, longevity of life, and the environment, but very few studies have actually examined climate change […]

$15 million allocated to climate change pilot

  Inter-American Development Bank A total of $15 million has been budgeted for the Climate Resilience II Adaptation Programme and Financing Mechanism (pilot), as part of measures to bolster support for climate change activities. This is outlined in the 2015/16 Estimates of Expenditure, now before the House of Representatives. The programme, which is expected to […]

How climate change will leave us all thirsty

By Chelsea Harvey (Reuters) The bottom of the Almaden Reservoir near San Jose, California, January 2014. Climate change is reshaping the planet in a big way. Rising temperatures, melting ice, and surging seas are just a few of the obvious effects that we’re already observing. And, according to recent climate reports, these events could bring on […]