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This is an EU funded project initiates an Alliance with the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica and the Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce which is based in Trinidad and Tobago.
The objective of the project is to build private sector capacity in environmental and energy management order to promote a successful regional and national collaborative approach to efficient energy consumption reduced environmental impacts

The project will assess the private sector in Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, review current Legislative, Regulatory, and Policy framework relating to energy and the environment.

The alliance of the two agencies aims more specifically to:

  • Promote a competitive and productive private sector and influence policy in Jamaica while facilitating the development, growth and competitive positioning of Caribbean businesses in the changing world economy, by providing products and services that are value-adding.
  • To Create a Caribbean Private Sector that is internationally competitive and cohesive in its approach to dealing with opportunities and challenges.

In the end the project is expected to develop a set of recommendations that will lead to an improved policy environment for enabling the private sector in energy and environmental practices.